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Friday, April 24, 2009

Terry's New Life

Left to right: Terry's son Michael, husband Larry and stepson Chris.

Beautiful Iris in competition.

For those who were around in rabbit shows in the 90s, Terry was a familiar sight. She used to live in Coalinga now lives around Fresno. She has nice French Angora and Satin Angora, though her first Angora rabbit was an English Angora; and she had her registrar's license.

Michael, her son, was preteen, always tagged along in rabbit shows. One of Michael's favorite activities in rabbit shows was to walk Suzanne B's dog Toyo, a beautiful and even tampered Burmese Mountain Dog.

Michael is now 24 years old, still remembers Toyo; with such a fond memory he keeps talking about Sheriff's Dept or Highway Patrol K-9 division. He is currently a video store manager.

Terry remarried over 3 yrs ago to a wonderful man Larry who supports Terry's hobbies and her need to compete. Terry is now the secretary of the Fresno Iris Society and she competes in Iris shows.

We thank Terry for sharing her photos and updating her life. May be one day she will be back in rabbit shows and competing again.


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