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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Polly's and Jocelyn's Booths at Lambtown

Polly's booth, full of beautiful mohair products from her herd of Angora goats.

Polly obviously is totally devoted to Angora goats; she answers the question of "got wool?" with "get mohair".

Jocelyn has a colorful booth that is very eye catching. She did very well in sales during the Lambtown festival.

In the Lambtown festival, NCAG had a club booth that sold handmade items for members that were in the rabbit building. In the commercial building, Polly and Jocelyn, both members of NCAG, each had a fiber booth. Polly's booth is totally devoted to mohair that produced from her herd of Angora goats; Jocelyn has various fiber products, mostly colorful handspun yarns.

Both did very well in sales and had a great time.


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