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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cathy and Kim Visit Betty

Kim called Betty, there're good news and bad news. The good news being their old doe Chu's Dixie gave birth to three bunnies but only one live birth. The bad news is that Dixie seems to be exhausted and not too keen about nursing.

The next morning, Cathy and Kim drove three hours one way to Betty's home to foster the only kit, a black bunny that looks healthy.

After the little black bunny received a good nurse from two mama does, Cathy, Kim and Betty all felt more relaxed.

The top two pictures are Cathy and Kim in the front and the back of Betty's bunny barn.

There is further good news from Kim. She and her love Mark are engaged to be married; their wedding will be sometime in the fall. Cathy asks that our blog be an invitation to Kim's wedding; they plan to have a mini horse and rabbits in the wedding party. The plan is to have a white English Angora as the ring bearer. The third picture shows Kim's engagement ring.

Kim is a senior in college with a heavy load of classes and internship. The fourth photo was taken in a show recently showing her doing home work during a break from the show table; little brother James watches his sister's project with interest.


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