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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Saturday Show C Best In Show Judging

Juding show C Best In Show is judge Uno Kivi.

BOB French Angora.

BOB English Angora. 

BOB American Fuzzy Lop.

Best In Show: Alan Rafferty's Havana that has a clean sweep of winning all four shows.

Carol Green's American Fuzzy Lop wins Reserve In Show three out of four shows. 


Friday, December 02, 2022

Saturday Show B Best In Show Judging

Show B Best In Show judge is Allen Mesick.

The two Angoras are on the very left of the table.

BOB French Angora on the table.  

BOB English Angora.  

The Best In Show again goes to Alan Rafferty's Havana.  The Reserve In Show goes to a Netherland Dwarf by Emma & Janine Curia.    Judge Allen left the ring immediately announcing the winners, no photo op available.


Thursday, December 01, 2022

Saturday Show A Best In Show Judging

Judge Misty Polisak is the show A Best In Show judge. 

BOB rabbits on the table to be considered.

BOB French Angora being checked.

Another view of the BOB French Angora.

The two top winners are the same as the Friday night results: BIS goes to Alan Rafferty's Havana and RIS to Carol Green's American Fuzzy Lop.


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Friday Night Best In Show Judging

Friday night Santa Clara County RCS open Best In Show judge is Kathi Groves.

By the time the Best In Show judging starts, it's passed 9 pm, not a lot of people left to watch.

The BOB French Angora being examined.

Judge Kathi poses the BOB American Fuzzy Lop.

Judge Kathi awards the Best In Show to Alan Rafferty's Havana and Reserve In Show to Carol Green's American Fuzzy Lop.

Carol judges the youth Best In Show.  Riker has the Best In Show Mini Rex and Reserve In Show Lionhead.   Both belongs to the same exhibitor, Riker obviously takes good care of his rabbits.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Shyun Visits Betty at San Jose

Betty got a visitor at the San Jose show.    Shyun lives in Cupertino, just a stone-throw away.  It is unusual to have such a close by location for a rabbit show, she comes by to visit.   


I started teaching at SJSU in 1974, have had many wonderful students and made many friends.   Shyun maintains the longevity record.  Shyun was in my graduate Economics classes around 1980-1981, we found out that we had a common interest: animals.   After I got my first French Lop in 1981 and had a litter in 1982, Shyun asked to have one as a pet and she has rabbits as pets since.   She and her children visited my home and shows off and on, their photos appear on our blog quite a few times.   In some photos, her children were still kids, now they are all adults and have their own families.   She has been an accomplished CPA after receiving her master's degree from SJSU, now near retirement.    Time flies.  


Monday, November 28, 2022

CRCS Show C Angora Judging at San Jose

Show C judge for Angora is Jordan Miner.  On the table are the English Angora colored senior bucks. 

English Angora colored senior doe is almost always more attractive than the bucks.  

Judge Jordan's pick of BOB English Angora, colored senior doe. 

French Angora colored junior doe.

It's hard to beat the senior doe, the BOB French Angora goes to the colored senior doe.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

CRCS Show B Angora Judging at San Jose

Show B judge is Chris Zemny who has an "Assist" Alysia  Call working alongside.   An "Assist" is someone who has pass both the written and oral judge's examination then into hands-on training.  Each candidate has to do 8 assists and passes all 8 in order to receive the judge's license.

Judge Chris explains to Alysia  the fine points of judging while Carolyn watches.

On the table are the French Angora.   Carol is helping on the table.  

On the left side of the table are the white French Angora.   The colored on the right side are in the colored junior buck class.  These are matured juniors, quite close to being seniors.

Alysia is asking Chris a question.

Alysia’s choice of the BOV white.

Chris observes Alysia handling the French Angora colored senior doe that eventually is awarded the BOB.

Chris listens to Alysia’s comments on the French Angora colored junior buck class winner that is also the BOSB.

Now it's the time to do English Angora.

Alysia  checking on the English Angora colored senior doe. 

Alysia’s face shows that she likes this doe.

And the English Angora BOB goes to the colored senior doe.


Saturday, November 26, 2022

Youth Dress Up Contest at San Jose Show

At the CRCS shows on Saturday, there is a youth dress up contest to give kids another fun activity in addition to showing rabbits.   This fun thing is staged during the lunch break.

Kids are very enthusiastic about the activity.   On the left are Salene Durate and Rick Porter of the Fair office taking photos and watching the kids having a good time.   The emcee is Jason.

Jason T. is the superintendent of the rabbit show as well as the emcee of the dress up contest.

Jason is a natural to emcee such a fun activity, kids enjoy it, and we had a good time watching it.

Salene on the left is instrumental in getting the rabbit shows back to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds at San Jose.  Finding Jason to work as the super and emcee is definitive a plus for the show.   This is the first time Jason works as a rabbit show superintendent, he is better than a lot of seasoned supers.


Friday, November 25, 2022

CRCS Show A Angora Judging at San Jose

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows sponsor triple open shows at San Jose in conjunction with the Santa Clara County show.   The following is the show A judging of Angoras. 

Show A starts with French Angora, Lauralee Erbe is the judge and Carol helps to record the results.


The curious white French Angoras.

French Angora white junior buck class.

French Angora white junior doe class.

French Angora colored junior buck class.

French Angora colored senior doe.

The left five are the French Angora colored junior bucks and the very right is the colored senior doe.

The senior doe is the French Angora BOB and the class winner of the colored junior buck is the BOSB. 

On the table are the English Angora bucks.  Somehow the doe photo got overlooked.  

For a list of results, go to:

NCAG Show Results: November 19. 2022 Angora Showing at San Jose (