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Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Dinner Time at the 2016 ARBA Convention

After judging was done on Sunday afternoon, Betty and Carol W. were talking about going across the street to the seafood restaurant Fish Market to have dinner.    We asked, "Want to go with us?"   See how many people responded?   The restaurant was very nice to give us a private room but more and more Angora people came in, the extended table ended up at the edge of the room, the door could not be closed.   We had a great time!   The seafood was excellent and the servers were very competent and nice.

Deb, Alicia and Betty have a convention tradition: we got to have at least one Vietnamese dinner, and this year the Vietnamese dinner would be on Tuesday night.    Deb found the place and said to Betty, "Invite whoever would come with us".   See what happened?  We have a group again.   The food was nice but the server and the manager were freaking out when more and more in our group walked in.    The place did not seem to be accustomed to having a lot of customers.   Even with this little drawback, we still managed to have a good time.   

 The same Vietnamese place, view from the other side.   


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