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Friday, October 21, 2016

Angora Awards Banquet at the 2016 ARBA Convention

On Monday morning, there are 60+ Angora people gathered at the Broken Yoke Café for the Angora Award banquet.

This shawl is the highest silent auction bid item, it sold for $350 to Emily in the middle.  The money raised is to help the COD holders who present new colors or varieties in the Angora breeds.


Tammy greets the attendees.


Danielle announces the winners, the first prize goes to....

Youth French Angora BOB winner Andie Rupple.

Youth French Angora BOS winner Melody Kohler.



Tammy Vaughn's Giant Angora wins both BOB and BOS.


Heather Campbell's Satin Angora is the BOS winner.


Betty Chu's English Angora wins BOS.


Matt Detert's English Angora wins BOSV.


The open French Angora BOB belongs to Charlotte Schweikart.

The French Angora BOS also goes to Betty Chu.

Alicia Will's French Angora wins BOSV.

Debbie McCormick's English Angora gets Best Wool.



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