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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Youth Best In Show Judging at the 2016 ARBA Convention - Connor's Big Day

Allen Mesick received the highest vote for judging Best In Show, he is now judging the youth Best In Show.

Connor's English Angora is the Group 3 winner, Allen is carefully examining the rabbit.   Lindsey Vaught, a very talented young photographer, is taking photo of Allen judging.   Lindsey's main breed is Mini Lop but she has just recently joined the rank of being an Angora owner.  Her one Giant Angora won the BOSB Giant Angora youth.

Here is a close-up of Allen handling Connor's English Angora junior doe.

The four youth Group winners are on the table for photo op., they are:
Group 1 Mini Rex, Henley Baillinger, TX
Group 2 Netherland Dwarf, Taylor Postage, OH
Group 3 English Angora, Connor Oneil, OR
Satin, Natalee Brink, OR

Connor's proud mom Karen takes pictures of Connor with the other winners.

Connor's Group 3 win gets him a $500 prize sponsored by Purina.

Happy Connor and mom Karen taking the winner doe and the giant check back to the Angora building.

Connor is the breeder of this beautiful black junior doe, he cares for and grooms his own rabbits. 

Kendal Bledsoe is the Group 3 judge who picked Connor's English Angora.    Kendal is originally from WA but now an up and coming judge in CA.

The youth Best In Show winner Satin belongs to Natalie Brink who is getting two prize checks from Purina: $500 for the Group 4 win and $1000 for the Best In Show win.   The breeder of this Satin is
Zach Wolfe who is standing next to Natalie. 


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