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Friday, October 14, 2016

Meat Pen Judging on Saturday

The official judging day is Sunday October 9.   This year there is a new rule:  The meat pen rabbits and other commercial rabbits are judged on the evening of Saturday October 8.  

Randy in the left background spearheaded this change and Jonathan in green apron facilitated the change and raised extra funds to be prize money.

The judge for the meat pen and commercial rabbit is Bryant from OH.   Bryant has won over 100 Best In Show with his New Zealand within 3 years,  his expertise is undeniable.


Jonathan raised $2500 as prize money and he also works at the table to be a helper to judge Bryant.


One of the criteria for meat pen is that the three young rabbits in the group should have about the same weight.

The judging is done very close to the Angora booth as seen in the background.  We watch the judging with interest. 

The commercial aspect of this judging is important, ARBA president Josh and his better half Sue both come by to watch.   Judge Randy C. from Alaska chats with Josh, one of things that he reminisces was about working with judge Randy S. at the Monterey Fair relating to an "encounter" with the English Angora in 2006.  

Betty says Hi to Bryant before his judging starts, and got an photo op.



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