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Saturday, October 22, 2016

ARBA Banquet at the 2016 ARBA Convention

ARBA banquet is held at the Del Mar Turf Club Paddock.

It's an outdoor event, this is the first time an ARBA banquet ever held outdoors.

It's CA, it's San Diego; it'll be hard to pull off an outdoor banquet at any other locations.

The screen is used for showing videos of past memories of events and people.

These original paintings are for auction.

The prizes on the table are door prizes.

Before the banquet starts, the past and current convention Best In Show winners are recognized and get a photo op.  From left to right are: David Cardinal, the current BIS winner, Betty Chu, Texas Thomas, Doug Harrah, Joe Kim, Matt and Chris Zemny.  

The ARBA bigwigs are sitting on the dais.

Some of our Angora people.

Matt talking to Patrick, Jill, Casey and Jeff.

Judge Scott says to Betty, "How about sharing a little Angora warmth!"  Betty's shawl is made from the wool of Bubbling Champagne, Betty's foundation rabbit and where the ear identification "BC" came from.    Scott was a youth at the time when Bubbling Champagne was making her mark, still remembers her well.


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