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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Friends at the 2016 ARBA Convention

The fun thing about convention is to meet new and old friends.    From left to right Julia, Gabe, Jill, Brittany and Brittany's mom Linda are having a great time together.

Betty, Avalon, Kevin and Autumn are happy to see one another.

Betty and John Porritt from Australia.

Connor and mom Karen, so happy after the big win.

Betty and Sook Chin from Malaysia.

Betty and Connor with his big winner English Angora junior doe.

Betty with Andie whose French Angora broken senior buck is the youth BOB winner.

Gabe says, "Look at the BOB Satin Angora, isn't he gorgeous?  He's a junior buck".

Betty is reunited with her "son" Joe Kim!   It's fitting to have a photo taken in front of the Award Display: Betty and Joe were the Group Winners at the 2003 convention at Wichita and Joe's Tan went on to win Best In Show. 


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