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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Broken Satin Angora Presentation

The broken Satin Angora has had several presenters in the past, they are Charlene Duncan, Polly Holmes and Joan Hastings.  The new rules of presentation allow team effort, this year the lead presenter is Charlotte Schweikart in the middle with Joan Hastings and Kellyjo Younggreen as team members.

A broken tort Satin Angora.

A broken chocolate Satin Angora.

A broken black Satin Angora.

Another broken chocolate Satin Angora.

Another broken black Satin Angora.

The new rules for presentation double the number of rabbits from 4 to 8.  

Charlotte is invited to sit with the Standard Committee to listen to their comments.  Unfortunately the presentation did not pass, the reasons listed on summary sheet are texture, sheen in general and the type of one rabbit.   

The broken English Angora was on the schedule for presentation but unfortunately the requirement of 8 rabbits could not be fulfilled thus the presentation was pulled.


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