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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NARBC Booth Wins ARBA Convention Booth Contest at Fort Worth, Texas

The Southern Angora Rabbit Club members did a extravagant job in constructing the booth at the convention.

There are great displays and raffle items.

Convention goers are all enchanted by the booth display.

The pretty containers hanging in the front are receptacles for raffle tickets.  The first ticket drawn gets the raffle item and the second ticket drawn gets the container.

These containers are well made with heavy fabric with rabbit figures.   The hole at the cover is for the ticket deposit but the design is very suitable to be used to store yarn for knitting.
Betty with Susan in front of the NARBC booth; Susan is the designer and maker of the raffle containers as well as on the hospitality committee.   She also got donations and assembled the goodie bags for all the Angora exhibitors. 

More admirers of the NARBC booth.


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