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Friday, November 07, 2014

Driving to the ARBA Convention at Fort Worth, Texas

The 2014 ARBA National Convention at Fort Worth, Texas has come and gone.   Betty's photos and reports are a little late.   Better late than never, hope our readers are still interested in Betty's trip to and from the convention.
On the early morning of Wednesday, October 29, 2014, my 12 English Angoras are loaded into my van.   On the driver's side of my van, four of the colored are visible.   At the top is Fawntasy, the second carrier contains Franchesca and the bottom two-hole carrier has the colored junior buck on the left and the chocolate tort junior doe on the right.

This is the passenger's side of my van, at the top is Mackie, the middle tier has the white junior buck and white junior doe, the bottom carrier contains the two littermate colored junior does.   In between these visible carriers there are three more single carriers that house white buck Jake and white does Jacee and Jannie.

Carol's Fuzzy Lops and Jersey Woolies are visible from the back of my van.   The big items such as the boxes of risers and the suit cases are between the English Angoras and the Fuzzies.   In front of the Fuzzies are the supplies that Carol and I needed to use during the trip.   My van is filled to the top but everything we wanted to bring with us made it into my van.


After driving for several hours, we needed gas and a pee break.  We stopped at a Chevron station and opened my van for the buns to have some air.

Here is a side view of some of the buns in my van at the gas station.

Stopping at this location was a big mistake.   If you read the gas price on the left corner, the price is outrageous: $4.19 for regular and higher for the other grades.   Along the freeway in other places, the price was in the low $3.00 range then one freeway exit later the advertised gas price was $3.05.   Carol posted on her Facebook page: "Where is the cheap gas?"   Cathy's reply to the post was, "Don't stop at Needles, CA!"   We learned the lesson: gas up anywhere but Needles, CA.  



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