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Friday, November 09, 2018

Best In Show Judging at the ARBA Convention in MA

A separate area is used for the Best In Show judging.  It's totally full and those come in late stand behind rows and rows of chairs.   

The youth group winners are on the stage, they are Mini Lop, Silver, Lionhead and Polish. 

The Youth Best In Show goes to Clara's Lionhead.  Clara is from No. CA, we see her in shows week in and week out, she is a delightful young lady who works very hard with her rabbits.     Lionhead is a newly accepted breed, this is the first time a Lionhead gets the Best In Show in an ARBA convention.

Between the youth Best In Show judging and open Best In Show judging, the previous open Best In Show winners are introduced by ARBA president Josh Humphries, far left.    Second from the left to the right are:
Tex Thomas (Silver Marten 1983 and 1996), Betty Chu (English Angora 1992), Jim Bayliss (Satin 1993), Katie and Brad Boyce (Havana 2002 and 2015), Joe Kim (Tan 2003), Ron Riddle (Silver Marten 2004), Amanda and Robin Wampner (Mini Satin 2007), Doug King (Mini Rex 2009), Doug Harrah (Florida White 2013), Chris Zemny (Holland Lop 2014) and Dave Cardinal (New Zealand 2016). 

Open show judging starts.   Judge Cole from MN is one of the group judges.   He has the English Angora on the table.  In the pink carrier is the Giant Angora BOB.

Judge Don from VA is examining the French Angora.

In judge Don's group is also the Satin Angora.

The four group winners are the Silver, Checker Giant, Silver Martin and Florida White.

Judge Randy received the highest vote to be the Best In Show judge.  His job is to decide which one of the group winners is the Best In Show winner.   He is examining the Checker Giant.

The open Best In Show goes to the Silver Marten shown by Tex Thomas.  This is his 3rd convention Best In Show win, probably the highest record of the open convention BIS winning.

Kevin Whaley hands Tex the trophy and the $1000 KW gift card.

Heinold Feeds presents Tex with a $500 check for the Best In Show win. 

If you wish to watch the entire Best In Show judging, here is the link.   

Allen and Briony are the commentators.   The video is about 4-1/2 hours long.   You can move it forward to select what you wish to watch.   Youth BIS selection starts at 2:45, previous BIS introduction starts at 3:08 and open BIS selection starts at 4:04.


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