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Saturday, November 03, 2018

The Young Building at the ARBA Convention in MA

The location of the convention is at "Big E" in West Springfield.    The convention used two buildings, Mallory and Young Buildings.   All wool breed plus several other breeds and all youth activities are being put in the Young Building.   Mallory Building is the main building so the building we were in is considered as the "minor" site.   

These two photos give an overview of the set up, photos taken from the second floor that houses offices.

NARBC has a booth in the same building.

Margaret is one of volunteers in the booth.  Margaret has been involved in the running of NARBC for 20 plus years.   She is the spine of the club.    

Next to the Angora booth is the Fuzzy Lop booth.  Carol is the president of the American Fuzzy Lop club.

Another view of the Fuzzy Lop booth.

It was a huge disappointment that the show committee did not assign any dedicated grooming area.   Wool breed exhibitors were told to grab whatever space available.   This is an area several exhibitors set up as there were very few spots "available"; it's next to the water station without a drainage.   The electrical outlets and the water faucets are only feet apart. 

Tables, chairs and blowers with electrical wires don't mix well with a water station.  It's a miracle that none got electrocuted!!!


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