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Friday, November 02, 2018

Betty and Carol Travel to the ARBA Convention in MA

The 2018 ARBA convention was held on October 27-31, 2018 at West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Betty's six English Angora and one French Angora are in the 500 size dog kennel.

The buns have to be dropped off at the Delta cargo office 3 hours before the scheduled flight time.  Going through a very congested Silicon Valley/Bay Area traffic, we arrived at the Delta cargo by 7 pm for the 10 pm flight from SFO to BOS on Thursday, October 25.

Carol and Jim watch the Delta worker adjusting Carol's kennel.  It's hard to follow the ever changing airline requirement, our kennels did not have the right size holes next to metal door.   The Delta worker is drilling holes on the four corners of the kennel in order to use the zipties to reinforce the metal door.

Now the Delta personnel is working on Betty's kennel....

...and put on the "releasable" zipties (see the drill in yellow color on the ground).

 Carol and Betty proceeded to go to the passenger terminal after the cargo office.   After a 6 plus hour flight, the trip tracker shows that we have arrived at Boston Logan airport in the morning of Friday, October 26.

Carol is in line (the very left) to get a rental van while Betty watches the luggage.

Going from the passenger terminal to the cargo office at the Logan Airport presented quite a challenge: the GPS kept on sending us touring the airport surroundings instead of getting us to the cargo office.  Finally a kind hearted water company employee took a drive to lead us to the cargo building to pick up the buns. 

Carol's Fuzzies and Betty's Angoras are sharing the space in the rented van.

After another GPS lead touring around, Carol and Betty finally arrived at the "Big E", the location of the ARBA convention at West Springfield, Massachusetts.


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