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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Angora Judging at the ARBA Convention in MA, part 1

Judging was supposed to start at 8 am on Sunday October 28, 2018, …

… we waited and waited, it was close to 9 am but the judging table was still being set up.   It came to find out that the table and the carpet were soaking wet.   Margaret found some sheets to cover the table so that our buns would not be sitting on the soaking wet carpets.     We were all grateful for the thoughtfulness.  

Judge Michael Franke from TX starts with the white English Angora.

Now judge Michael is on the colored English Angora.

Still on colored English Angora.

These are shiny!   The Satin Angora are on judge Michael's table.

These four Satin Angora are the winners of BOVs and BOSVs.

The BOB goes to the colored senior doe shown by the Eric/Gabe team.  In the photo is Gabe with the winner.


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