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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Huge Classes of English Angora

Betty says,

"We do not see a large number of English Angora in local shows. National conventions are the events to see large classes.

This year in Grand Rapids, the classes were huge comparing to what we normally see. The quality of the rabbits were very even, which made the judging that much more difficult.

In the top photo, waiting in the coops to be judged are a class of white English Angora. In the second photo, a class of colored English Angora are also waiting to be judged. They all had more than enough wool to fill the coops; and especially from the back, it's really hard to tell one from the other.

One of the funny thing happened was that after the first place colored junior buck was selected, everyone was looking at each other and asked, "Whose rabbit is it?" I said, "I don't know." "It's coop #49." "Let me go and look." After I went to the coop, it was empty and it was Armando's coop! I said, "Yeaaaaaa! Mine." I was very happy but also embarrassed, I could not tell my own rabbit!"


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