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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Friends At Convention, Part I

Betty says,

"After a good nap, I looked out the window, it was a very nice day!

I went to the airport to pick up Chris O. who flew in from MA. She had a very short haircut, would not let me take a picture of her then. We did some grocery shopping and returned to the showroom.

It was a pleasant surprise that I received a visit from Judges Josh, Briony and Rusty. They wanted to talk English Angora. They were the judges in the December 2006 shows in Japan in which Yumiko won double Best In Show with her English Angora white doe Chu's Carera.

I took out several of my rabbits to show them various stages of wool condition, body type, texture, and other fine points of English Angora. They pointed to a colored senior doe 'in the upper coop' as their favorite. I took her out for them to examine and they were very impressed with her. They all had good eyes, this senior doe 'in the upper coop' was Sevenah who went on to win the Best of Breed and Best Overall Wool.

We spent about an hour together and I enjoyed every minute of it; I hope they did too. The second picture is Judge Josh, ARBA Dist. 6 director, and I; the third picture is beautiful Judge Briony from Kansas and the fourth picture is me with Judge Rusty from Tennessee who is also the state representative.

Not too long after the visit from the three judges, Mr. Nakayama from Japan came by to say Hello. If I thought my trip was long, it was nothing compared to his trip. He was up for over 48 hours before arriving in Grand Rapids.

It really takes dedication to get to the ARBA convention each year. "


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