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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dwarf Angora In Holland

Betty reports,

'Here are three photos of Dward Angora in Holland. I received a message with these hotos from Bilal Mimpen with the following message,

"I am an Angora breeder from Holland and a big fan of you. I breed them in white, black, brown and Dwarf Angora in white and yellow (Bob Whitman purchased some from me the last time he came to Holland). Yellow is my creation.

I normally can show my rabbits for 4 to 5 months and then its wool will molt or fall out but the last time I looked at one of the show reports I read that you keep them for 18 months in their coat. Could you give me advise of how you do it?"

Bilal states that the weight range for Dwarf Angora is 1250 to 1750 with 1450 as the ideal. Assuming that these are grams, they convert to 2.75 pounds to 3.85 pounds with 3.19 pounds as ideal. Comparing Jersey Wooley's top weight of 3.5 pounds with ideal weight of 3 pounds, the Dwarf Angora is slightly bigger than the Jersey Wooly as we know it.

We here in the US have been wondering what Dwarf Angora looks like for a long time; I have chased Bob for over a year to get the photos of his Dwarf Angora without success. I saw Bob in Grand Rapids during the ARBA convention and he told me that those Dwarf Angora that he brought back to the US were no longer around; they did not work out for him.

There is still no Dwarf Angora in the US, but we can admire the photos of these little beauties from their breeder in Holland. '


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