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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Open Best In Show Judging at the 2016 ARBA Convention

The open Group judges are (from right to left):
Group 1 Cliff Dick, Group 2 Mike Avesing, Group 3 Eric Stewart, Group 4 Leann McKinney.

The English Angora and the French Angora are being judged by Eric Stewart and Mike Avesing at the same time.

ARBA president Josh Humphries is the Open Best In Show judge.  The Britannia Petite is the crowd favorite.


The Group 3 winner Britannia Petite poses so well that the spectators applauded several times.


The Best In Show in the 2016 ARBA convention goes to the New Zealand shown by David Cardinal.

The four Group winners are:
Group 1 Polish, Ryland/Trevor Sypnieski, MN
Group 2 Palomino, Mike Raab, IN
Group 3 Britannia Petite, Randy Shumaker/Allen Mesick, CA
Group 4 New Zealand, David Cardinal, WI




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