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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

California State Fair - Part 3 Farm Exhibits

Fairs stated when the agriculture was the way of life in the old days.  It's a place for the farmers to exhibit their harvest and accomplishments.    Needless to say that the farm exhibit is a major part of the California State Fair.

Butte County shows off their major products.

Who can resist beautiful flowers.

Yolo County is still quite rural.


Solano County is now quite developed, farming is only a small part of the activities in the county.


Sonoma County is a mix of cities and some agricultural use.

It's a beautiful display of plants, flowers and a gazebo.

Carolyn poses as a butterfly in the farm.

Tree ripe fruits, the best.

Apples and Lemon, popular fruits.

The Japanese egg plants are relatively new in this country.


corn is the main crop all over the country.



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