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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Show Time at Watsonville

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows hold double open and double youth shows on Sunday July 16, 2017 at Watsonville, CA.
Summer shows are scarce due to the fairs and hot temperature.  
When there's a show in a building with AC and in a mild climate, exhibitors are excited.   This photo shows one side of the building.


The other side of the building is also totally full.


The location is the Santa Cruz County Fair grounds, and it's close to the ocean.   The temperature was forecasted to be in the 70s but it eventually reached mid 80s in the afternoon.    It's still quite comfortable comparing to the triple digit temperature in the inland areas on the same day.


 Best In Show judge for show A is Piper Smith of PA.

Judge Piper picks the Havana as the Best In Show, photo unavailable.  The Reserve In Show goes to the Netherland Dwarf shown by Randy, Allen and Louis.  In the photo are judge Piper and Louis.


Show B Best In Show is being judged by Josh Humphries of TN.


Judge Josh picks Bryant's New Zealand as the Best In Show.   Bryant and the rabbit have traveled a long way, they only arrived in CA the evening prior to the show after driving all the way from OH.


Show B Reserve In Show goes to Rachel's Holland Lop.



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