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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nutcracker is Maturing

My grandma is a Guinness World Record holder for her long wool.  I feel obligated to create a world record.   I tried the kicking record - the longest kick of a slicker brush!  Whenever mom tickles me with a slicer brush, I kick as hard as I can so that a record could be set!  My sisters Fawnadette and Fawnalisa think I am nutty, they just don't understand my ambition.

The Guinness people never came to record my accomplishment, I'm disappointed but I accept it.  Not every bunny can set a world record or my grandma Franchesca would not have been so famous.   I am just happy to have her as my grandma.    Once a while I show my pearl white teeth, maybe the Guinness people will give me the title of the nicest teeth in the bunny world.



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