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Monday, May 15, 2017

WCC Northern California Angora Guild First Specialty Show at Reno

Our club sponsors two specialty shows in conjunction with the WCC event on Saturday.

First breed in the morning is the French Angora.  Watching judge Jim Rowland judging are Desiree, Erica, Karin, Jill, Patrick and Joyce.  

Judge Jim Rowland flies across the country all the way from Florida.

Judge Jim enjoys seeing a good typed rabbit regardless of the age.


The second breed on the table is the Giant Angora, Tammy writes.

Judge Jim checks type carefully.


It's very seldom to see so many great looking Satin Angora in one place.

Shannon writes for judge Jim.

Matt helps to take the Satin Angora off the table for the next breed.

On the table are a good selection of English Angora for judge Jim.


Shannon and Heather watch the English Angora being judged.

Casey writes for judge Jim.

Here is a nice looking black English Angora junior.

Judge Jim likes this English Angora.

The four BOB are on the table for judge Jim to determine the Best In Show.

Judge Jim with the four BOB Angora and their owners: Betty's English Angora, Jill's French Angora, Mason's Giant Angora and Heather's Satin Angora.

The specialty Best In Show is Betty's English Angora.

For a complete list of Angora results in the two NCAG specialty shows, go to:




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