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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Linda Bell Receives Service Award

Linda Bell has been a judge for a long time.   She was the first judge to have judged English Angora that was blown by a blower in 1989.   So. CA show scene has its ups and downs but Linda is the constant in promoting rabbit shows.   She not only judges, she also does show secretary work up and down in California.   In a recent show at Fresno, her husband Stan Bell who is also a judge had a heart attack the day prior to the show.   Linda went from the hospital to the showroom to perform her duty without skipping a beat.
During WCC, Allen reads a tribute to Linda thanking her for the dedication to the wonderful world of rabbits.  


ARBA president Josh Humphries awards Linda the ARBA Service Award.   From left to right are:
district 8 director David Moll, district 6 director Rusty Westoff, district 2 director Joe Lugo, Linda, ARBA vice president Randy Shumaker, ARBA president Josh Humphries and emcee Allen Mesick.
(Photo by Lindsey Vaught)




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