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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill

Betty says,
Albert and I and buns live in Morgan Hill, a town of about 30,000 people connected at the southern tip of San Jose.   San Jose is the 3rd largest city in California.  Our town is semi rural but we can easily go metropolitan by driving 20 minutes north.

Morgan Hill has been in the national news lately, I received many messages asking whether our home and bunnies are OK.    So I'm posting a little something about the dam and the flood associated with it.

Anderson dam is up in the hill about 2 miles from our home.   When we moved to Morgan Hill some 30+ years ago, we were really concerned about the location.   If the dam breaches, the entire town of Morgan Hill would be wiped out.  

This particular photo is posted on the local news media while the rest of the photos on this page were taken by Albert.  

The spillway is to the north going toward the San Francisco Bay via Coyote Creek, passing through many cities including San Jose.  

Those area in Morgan Hill that are along the spillway toward the north are flooded, including the main freeway 101 from Morgan Hill to San Jose, thus it's closed for many hours.

Very fortunately for our family and our buns, our home is to the southwest of the dam, away from the spillway.  So far so good.  Thanks for all the concerns and messages.   Unfortunately for those who live north of the dam are getting the blunt of the flood, families are evacuated, properties are severely damaged.  

Thank you for asking about our safety, we appreciate it. 


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