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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Melody's Great Day at Placerville

Melody has two beautiful French Angora colored senior does: Greta on the left and Maddie on the right.  
To increase the chance of winning, Greta is shown in youth and Maddie is shown in open.  
At Placerville, the strategy works out perfectly: in show A Maddie wins open Best of Breed over all the open exhibitors and Greta wins youth Best of Breed.

Things gone from good to even better, in show B, Greta wins all breed Best In Show in youth from judge Kendal.

Jill can't hide her pride and happiness, Greta was born at her home and Melody is a perfect student of Angora raising.  
Greta now has enough legs to be a grand champion, all her wins are top level wins: Best Opposite Sex of breed at the ARBA convention plus all breed youth Best In Show two times.

Here is another photo of her two pride and joy: Greta being held and Maddie on the grooming table.



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