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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Picking a Bunny


Jill and Melody are trying to pick a French Angora buck for keep and Amanda is interested in learning.    

These junior bucks just got off the judging table and there were rankings.   Jill and Melody want an impartial party to check on the bunnies without knowing how judges placed them.   Casey is an obvious choice as she did not pay attention to the judging of French Angora.


Melody likes the blue buck that Casey is handling but the chocolate agouti that she is holding has been the choice of two judges.   Decision, decision...

Carolyn listens in the discussion.

The blue one or the chocolate agouti?   Melody went with her gut feeling and picked the blue.

Now it's Jill's term.  She wants a broken buck.    The broken fawn or the broken lynx?  They ask another impartial party to come check.

Cory is that impartial party, Carol G. is the breeder of this litter, she observes.
Jill goes with the broken fawn.



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