Northern California Angora Guild

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Group of Angora Lovers

We have a very happy group of Angora lovers: from left to right are:
Carolyn, Casey, Matt, Betty, Carol G (front), Carol W, Melody, Renee, Amanda, Bailey, Jill, Christine and Linda.

All except one photos below are taken by Carolyn.  Thanks, Carolyn. 

Carol W. with her French Angora fawn buck.

Matt and his English Angora white doe.

Renee with her French Angora broken black junior doe Pandora.

Carol G. and her lovable French Angora chestnut buck Austin.

Casey's two English Angora tort bucks are adorable.

Jill and her beautiful French Angora fawn doe Incendio.

Betty has two cute English Angora fawn bunnies.

Melody loves her French Angora fawn doe Greta.

Amanda carefully brushes her French Angora chestnut junior doe Leda.


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