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Friday, September 30, 2016

Chestnut, Wild Gray and Chocolate Agouti

Chestnut agouti has the color genetic codes of A-B-C-D-E-  
Within the same genetics, a modifier could make the color a lot darker than the "regular" Chestnut, such darker version is called Wild Gray in the old SOP.

The name of the modifier is believe to be called "Umbros (Darkening) modifier". (We thank Candy for finding this information). 


Here are the back of Chestnut and Wild Gray.


Chestnut Agouti ring.

Wild Gray ring.

One may ask, how would you know the Chestnut Agouti and the Wild Gray are both chestnuts?   Here is their baby picture, look at the two dark ones, they look exactly the same at birth.    

The other three are Chocolate Agouti.  What do they look like when they grow up?

Here are the three Chocolate Agouti in that litter.   

Chocolate agouti ring. 


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