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Monday, February 23, 2015

Found on the Net: Old Angora Pictures and Videos

Found on a UK news agency many old Angora photos and videos.     Here are some to share:

This is one of the oldest photos on the site, circa 1924.

In 1928, a factory farm worker is handling the Angora wool.

In 1936, a woman is harvesting wool.

A cut down Angora and its wool in 1937.


 In 1940, a man is cutting the wool off an Angora.


In a rabbit show in 1942, this Angora rabbit is reported to be a grand champion.

Spinning demonstration in 1949.

In 1949, a woman is using an "air pump" to blow her Angora.

The same Angora being blown by the "air pump".


Another photo of this Angora being blown by an "air pump" in 1949.
And then there is this rabbit show in 1942, the cooping looks about the same as what we have in the ARBA conventions today!
Enjoy some of these videos that are for previews:




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