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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Anything New under the Sun?

In 1989, the blower was introduced as a groom tool in the wonderful world of Angora.    See:

What's unusual about this photo?  A woman  has a hose in her hand, looks like she is blowing her Angora.

She has a large blower under the table.

These two photos look very "normal", that's what we do in the Angora world.
Wait, the photos are black and white, the woman's clothing is not something that we wear today or wore in 1989.   These photos are screen shots of a video made in 1953!
Recently we discovered this 1953 video on Youtube that was uploaded in 2014:
What's being done in this video is pretty much what we do today with the exception that most of those who have good non-molting stock don't use the plucking method to harvest wool anymore.  
When the blower was introduced by Susan Conley in the 1989 ARBA convention, we all thought that was the best idea since the white bread.   Now we know the method has been in existence for a long time except that we did not know it.  
Is there anything new under the sun?
 The agency that uploaded the 1953 video also uploaded a 1928 video
about a large Angora rabbit factory farm.  

Enjoy these videos.


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