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Friday, February 13, 2015

Scenes at the AT&T Golf Pro Am

To show appreciation to the military service, all those who wear uniform are invited to attend the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach without having to pay the $35 admission charge. 


Security is tight, all attendees have to go through a pat down and a equipment check, military personnel are no exception.

Bill Murray is one of the two team captains, the other captain is Clint Eastwood who is immediately behind him in gray sweater and cap.    The far right is Ray Romano, next to Ray Romano is Charles Kelly of the Lady Antebellum.


Josh Duhamel swings his club, watching him in the background from left to right are Andy Garcia, Clint Eastwood, Huey Lewis, Bill Murray.   On the right of Josh Duhamel wearing aqua blue polo shirt is Kenny G and next to Kenny G is Ray Romano.


Charles Kelly and his caddy.


Ray Romano.


Ray Romano trying to chip his ball out of the bunker.

There are 12 celebrities participated in the game, they are:

Chris Berman, Josh Duhamel, Clint Eastwood, Kenny G, Andy Garcia, Charles Kelley, Huey Lewis, Bill Murray, Jake Owen, Joe Don Rooney, Ray Romano, Clary Walker.




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