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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Randy and Allen Give a Private Lesson on English Angora to Jonathan

Left to right are Randy, Betty, Jonathan and Allen.   Jonathan flies in from MO, Randy and Allen take him to visit Betty.  In the background is a photo of "Chu's Sweet Sixteen", the Best In Show winner of the 1992 ARBA convention, and the Best In Show and 4-Class trophies that she won.

Jonathan wishes to learn more about English Angora, he has Randy and Allen as his teachers.

On the grooming table is Fawntasy, the recent multiple Best In Show winner.

Randy and Allen teach Jonathan about the feel of the English Angora texture.

Randy shows Jonathan how to blow into the English Angora wool.

Jonathan is looking inside the wool.

More about the feel.

More about the looks of the English Angora.

Randy shows more finer details.

Jonathan gets a moment to think over what he just learned.

Jonathan goes into the wool more carefully.  

Randy takes a photo of Jonathan with Fawntasy.   The background is Betty's barn for her English Angora.

After Jonathan's private lesson on the English Angora, Kathi joins Randy, Allen, Jonathan and Betty for a lunch at Chipotle.


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