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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ARBA Convention Revisited: Deb's Illusive Christmas Gift

Deb wants to get a new spinning wheel.  After extensive research, she has her heart set on the "Pocket Wheel", see

Deb's hubby decides that he'll buy the wheel for Deb as the 2014 Christmas gift.  

The pocket wheel is custom built, after an order is placed and paid for, the buyer is placed on a waiting list for the maker to build it.

Deb says,

 "No, I haven't gotten my Pocket Wheel yet, but I am moving up the waiting list  There used to be 60 ahead of me, now there are only 30.  I expect to get it in either April or May.  Hopefully, before we go to Nationals in May.  So, for Christmas, my husband drew a picture of a spinning wheel and wrapped that up. 
The wheel you took a picture of me with is actually Joan Hastings.  I asked her if she would bring it so I could play with it a little bit and she was kind enough to bring it for me.  Unfortunately, I didn't get much time to play with it.  It always seems like we are so busy at every Convention.  Sometimes I wonder what we do with all our time." 
Here is the picture that Betty took during the convention, Deb and her would be Christmas gift in front of the NARBC booth. 


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