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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Angora Judging at Red Bluff

On Friday night, judge Cole from ND is having a good time working with English Angora.   Cole has recently received his judge's license, he is considered an up and coming young judge.

Judge Cole is examining a chinchilla Satin Angora. 

On Saturday morning, judge Allen is working on a white Satin Angora with Cody writing.

Judge Allen works on the senior English Angora with Casey waiting for his comments.

Judge Allen compares the tips of the colored senior does.
In show B on Saturday, judge Roger from Oregon is teaching registrar Mary from WA on the fine points of Angora judging.  Casey does the writing.

Judge Roger and Mary are having a discussion about the younger English Angora.

Judge Roger lets Mary do the examination.

On Sunday show C, judge Melissa works on the English Angora, Cody does the clerking.

Cody is a Satin Angora breeder but gets a chance to feel the English Angora coat.

Judge Melissa is commenting on a French Angora while Cody records her comments.

In show D on Sunday afternoon, judge Allan from Utah works on the English Angora.

Judge Allen is blowing into the English Angora coat while Timmy looks on.

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