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Friday, December 26, 2014

French Angora Buck Fair N Square Gets a Hair Cut

Fair N Square is a handsome chestnut French Angora buck.  He has kept his first coat for 11 months, nice and dense but slightly on the soft side for the French Angora standard.

Fair N Square has done well in shows, he is registered and grand championed.   He also is a successful daddy who has one son and two daughters.

 The "wool-fall" shows that he is a non-molting type French Angora.  Since the French Angora standard calls for the abundance of guard hairs, his second coat should be even better than the first coat.   In about 3 months, Fair N Square will be back on the show table.

Fair N Square falls in love with his own coat thinking that there is a doe hidden under that big pile of wool.


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