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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fawn And Chocolate Tort Bunnies

Fawn has a golden sunny look, light around the eyes and nose indicating that these will be the white circles around eyes and at the nostril. The two front feet show lighter color than the body color.

Chocolate tort has a honey look with brownish color around the points. No white circle around eyes and at the nostril. The front feet are darker than the body color.

Fawn has light tummy color; when grown, the tummy color is almost white.

Chocolate tort has brownish tummy, darker than the color on the back.

Betty says,

"I received quite a few correspondence asking how to tell apart the chocolate tort and fawn bunnies in the litter. At birth, the chocolate tort bunnies have shade on both sides of the head; in Chris O's words, they have 'monk head' (monks have hairs on the sides but bold on the top of their heads). Fawn bunnies are born pink, very much like the Ruby Eye White (REW); in a couple of days, the fuzz shows that they are not REW.

Clear fawn is the agouti version of chocolate tort; if one sees smuts on the fawn, it's the agouti version of the black tort (also called regular tort or just tort). In order to breed for fawn without smut, it's important to use a mate that carries chocolate gene.

The bunnies in the after Christmas litter are now 10 days old. I took photos of the fawn and chocolate tort and make a comparison above. I hope that will help visually distinguish the two when they are still in the nestbox. To see photos of them when they were only one day old, go to"


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