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Monday, January 04, 2010

Shows In Japan

Setting up the showroom, the floor has to be protected.

The showroom is almost ready to receive rabbits.

Ladies in Kimonos, showing or watching?

Carol judging.

It's unusual to see large breeds in Japan and here is a Flemish Giant.

Hiro works with Melissa on his judge's license.

Best In Show Netherland Dwarf.

Reserve In Show Fuzzy Lop in show A, Best In Show in show B.

Hands could be very helpful in communication.

Table help.

We have seen quite a few photos of Carol G. and Melissa judging in Japan in early December. The photos and descriptions came from the exhibitors there. Now we finally got words from the horse's mouth, Carol is giving us the perspective from the judge's point of view. We thank Carol for sharing.

Carol says,

"Rabbit shows in Japan look very much like shows in the United States. But there are key differences. For one thing, the shows are held in the cities and so rooms in nice buildings are rented. Other events are held in the same building, so you may see ladies in kimonos. Since the show is in a nice room, the show committee puts plastic down on the floor. The judging tables are set up nicely with skirts of red fabric and the judges have their names in both English and Japanese. The exhibitors are enthusiastic in their love of rabbits and there are lots of rabbit decorated clothes, even pants!

As the judge makes comments, she pauses so an interpreter can translate. Both Melissa and I found ourselves using our hands a lot to describe the rabbits' faults and good points. The judging coops were set up with a gap where we could pose the rabbit so that everyone could see what we were talking about. Most of the rabbits were smaller breeds. The most common were Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Jersey Woolys, Mini Rex. There were also a few English Angoras and Mini Lops. But not all rabbits were dwarf breeds. There was a wonderful pair of Flemish Giants!

Best in Show awards were very nice. In Kobe, a Netherland Dwarf was BIS, and in Nagoya a Netherland Dwarf and an American Fuzzy Lop won BIS in the two all breed shows. "


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