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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cathy, A Top Quality Judge

In the Stockton shows last Saturday, Cathy was our judge for both English Angora and French Angora. Cathy has a national reputation of being an excellent judge. Her judging on Saturday was no exception. All her comments were to the point with the right placings.

Cathy is a top Rex breeder. Rex is one of the fur breeds, I think it helps to understand the importance of texture. Wool accounts for 55% of the points for French Angora and Giant Angora, 57% for English Angora and 60% for Satin Angora. It is vital for a judge to comment on the wool density, length and texture when judging Angora. Of all the wool qualities, texture is the hardest one to comprehend. Cathy did a wonderful job.

We are so fortunate in California to have all the best judges. With wonderful weather, shows are held all around the year. Our judges get to practice their craft a lot more frequently than any other part of the country.

In the photo, Cathy is judging French Angora with Danielle helping to write the comments. Reader probably remember Danielle from a previous post. She is a youth member of our guild, her French Angora won the youth Best In Show in the Angora National in April 05.


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