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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Goodbye Indy

It's Thursday morning, the convention is over. We packed up all the equipment and put the rabbits in their carriers, we checked out of the showroom around 7:30 am. We got to the airport early, checked in the kennels and got to the waiting area.

Maya, a youth exhibitor arrived with grandma Kathie and her favorite white Flemish Giant rabbit in a carried-on bag. She took the rabbit out, it certainly attracted a lot of attention. The Flemish Giant weighs 14 lbs, big, white and tame. What a sight! Maya is photographed with NCAG president Charlie, rabbit judge Scott and her big white rabbit.

Scott is a judge originally from Wisconsin but now resides in Oregon. He is a top breeder of English Spot and Britannia Pettit, his rabbits won BOB in both breeds in the convention. He also judged in this convention. In the past, he has judged rabbits in many states and in Japan. He is an up and coming judge in the wonderful world of rabbits.


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