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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Arie's Adventure - Betty's Home

Our judge Arie from Indonesia has been very busy during her stay in the US.  She judged at WCC in the beginning of May, CRCS show at Reno at the end of May, Fairs almost every weekend.
She has a break during June 9-10, she and Kathi decide to take a road trip to visit experienced breeders.

The first stop is Betty's place.    Judge Arie is carefully examining the English Angora wool structure.

Close look at the white English Angora.

Kathi and Arie are comparing two English Angora juniors.

Arie is looking at French Angora junior buck Lipton, impressed with Lipton's ring pattern. 

A closer look at Lipton's agouti ring pattern.

Kathi and Arie are examining Betty's two French Angora colored senior does.   Kathi has recently received her registrar's license, the judge's license is in the future plan.

After the English Angora and French Angora sessions, a selfie is in order.

Kathi is good at taking selfies.   


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