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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Changing Swamp Cooler Pads

The evaporative cooler, or more commonly called the swamp cooler, are very useful in hot and dry climate.   The cooling design is using water running through the pads on the sides of the unit with the motor drawing air through the pads.

The original pads in the old days are made of Aspen.

After years of use, the aspen pads maybe clogged by the calcium deposits from the hard water.

We can see the calcium deposits even on the outside of the cooler sides.

A newer design of the pads is made of special material.

The new cooling pad material comes in as a big roll, you measure the cooler to cut the pad to fit the sides.   Our cooler has the dimension of 21.5 x 27.  

The pad is cut and put into the door panel of cooler.

This is an panel installed with then new pad and ready to be installed onto the cooler.

Now the cooler with the new pad can run efficiently for serveral years.


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