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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Gifta's Wool Becomes Pretty Mittens

Gifta has a beautiful show coat that won her 28 legs, 25 of these legs are
 Best of Breed, 3 of the BOB advanced to Best In Show 
and 4 advanced to Reserve In Show.  

All good things have to come to an end.   Gifta's coat was cut after WCC and spun into yarn, here is one of the balls.  

Gifta's chocolate agouti color is very rich, it stands out when combined with the natural color commercial yarn.   It's better not to use Angora yarn for cuff because Angora yarn is so soft and it does not have memory;  in other words, it does not spring back.   The cuff needs to hug the wrist to keep the mittens in place thus the commercial yarn is a better choice.

Mittens are knitted in round, the tool used is four double point needles.
 This photo shows knitting in progress.

This is the wrong side of the mittens.   The one on the left is done with tucking loose ends while the one on the right still needs to be done.

So called "tucking" means using a crochet needles to hook the loose ends and hide them. 

The loose ends of both mittens are all tucked in then ...

...turn the mittens to the right side, now we have a completed pair.


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