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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NCAG Specialty Show at WCC Reno on Sunday

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, Northern California Angora Guild holds the second specialty show during the WCC weekend.

We are very lucky to have our favorite judge Stacy to preside.
Stacy's hubby Joey is always by her side to help write and lift.   Joey has passed the judges test, will be a judge himself in no time.   

On the table are the French Angora, the two white BOV and BOSV winners are on the left while judge Stacy is examining the colored senior doe class.

Now on the table are the French Angora colored junior bucks.  

There are 10 Giant Angoras entered.

The specialty Best In Show is Eric and Gabe's French Angora.  (Eric not in the picture).
This chestnut doe is the also the Angora National Best In Show winner.

The specialty Reserve In Show is Casey's English Angora colored senior doe.

For a list of the specialty show results, go to:


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