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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Show A Angora Judging at WCC Reno

There is one all breed show on Saturday, designated as show A.  Judge for show A is Jim Rowland from Florida.    
On the table are the white English Angora, Casey writes comments.

There are a good number of Satin Angora on the table.  All judging coops are filled and there are more waiting to get on the table.

Here is a close up of judge Jim commenting on a colored Satin Angora.   Arianne help to clerk.

Judge Jim continues on Satin Angora, writer changes to Casey.  

There are some Giant Angora in the coops.

Judge Jim works on the French Angora.   A colored senior doe that judge Jim picked as BOB went on to win show A Best In Show.  


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