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Friday, May 05, 2017

Tips, Tips and Tips

We all like our Angora to have an even coat.  How do we get an even coat?   By nature or by grooming?  

This is an even coat, look at the tips, they are all visible and about the same length.


Same color but the coat is uneven, the tips are broken and unfinished.

This tort English Angora doe has a very even coat and all the tips are visible.

This English Angora tort doe is a littermate of the above doe, her coat looks messy.   Why?   She chewed it!   So some may say, hey, Betty, you are the mom, you are a good groomer, why don't you use some tools to even out the wool and make the coat look more even?

I'm good, but not that good.   Breeding a non-molting rabbit will help to gain an even show coat but if a rabbit chews, there is not much a groomer can do to "even" it out.   No amount of cutting or trimming can make an uneven coat look even because the tips are different.   A naturally even coat will have all the natural tips, but any coat this is chewed, trimmed or cut will cause cut ends.   With that said, we do have to realize that being Angora and being a wool-producing animal, the coat will have to be cut down and grow back eventually.

How do you make an even coat?   Pray!!! Assuming that your herd has the good genes, pray to have a lazy rabbit, a rabbit that is not a busy body to mess up its own coat.   No groomer, no human being, no mama, no papa can make a coat look even if it is not even due to molting or chewing or whatever the reason may be! 

Betty and her good friend Casey always jokingly proclaim: "We love lazy rabbits!"

If you see a really finished even Angora rabbit, whether it's an English Angora, a French Angora, a Giant Angora or a Satin Angora, say thanks to the breeding, say thanks to the well-behaved "lazy" rabbit, say thanks to the mama and papa who do not use any means to messy up the natural beauty!



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