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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

WCC Angora Numbers at Reno

The much anticipated West Coast Class weekend finally has come and gone.   We are finally home, settled and able to share our wonderful show experience with our readers.   The weekend has been a great success for the Angora breeders.    The open show information are still being collected but the four specialty shows information are known.

Today we are giving some highlights, we'll have photos of each show and information about all class winners in the very near future.

Friday night show was sponsored by the NWARA, the North West Angora Rabbit Association.   There were 85 Angora entries,  judge is Stacy Martin from Ohio.  The BISS is Betty's English Angora colored senior doe and the RISS is Betty's French Angora colored senior doe.

On Saturday, May 6, our club Northern California Angora Guild sponsored two specialty shows.  Each show has 100 entries with 95 actually judged, there were 22 exhibitors.  The first show was judged by Jim Rowland of Florida.   In the picture are the BOB winners and their rabbits: Betty with English Angora colored senior doe, Jill with French Angora colored senior buck, Mason with Giant Angora senior doe and Heather with Satin Angora colored senior doe.  The BISS is the English Angora and RISS the French Angora. 

The second NCAG specialty show was judged by Tara Parker of Oklahoma.   The BISS winner is Carol's French Angora colored senior buck.   The RISS is Betty's English Angora colored senior buck that is not shown in the picture.

On Sunday NWARA sponsored their second show.   Judge is Scott Rodriguez of Wyoming who is in control of the four BOB winners.   From left to right are the Satin Angora, French Angora, English Angora and Giant Angora.  The BISS is Betty's English Angora colored junior doe and RISS is Betty's French Angora colored senior doe.    The entry number is 72.

Betty is the show secretary of the two NCAG shows thus has the numbers for these two shows.   Here are some interesting facts.   It seems that the Giant Angora is the only breed that is full of white since colored is not yet accepted for showing.   The majority of the Angora in these shows were in the colored variety.   In English Angora, there were 5 white and 13 colored; in French Angora, there were 5 white and 35 colored; in Satin Angora, there were 4 white and 18 colored.


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