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Monday, May 01, 2017

English Angora Winner at the Angora National in Michigan

The Angora national was held on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  We have reported the Best In Show winner French Angora Princess Fiona a week ago.
The English Angora BOB winner is Shepard's Obi Wan shown by Gaby.

Obi Wan, Gaby and Angora national judge Mark.    Obi Wan is the Reserve In Show winner at the national.

Obi Wan wins the BOB in the open show A from judge Todd.

Obi Wan gets another Best of Breed in show B from judge Rosa and goes on to win Reserve In Show.
In show B, the Best In Show is the French Angora and the Reserve In Show is the English Angora.

Judge Josh also awards the English Angora BOB to Obi Wan in show C then Obi Wan goes on to win Reserve In Show.

Judge Kyle in show C awards BIS to the French Angora and the RIS to the English Angora.  
This is a very good day for Angoras.

In the last all breed show D, judge Paula also selects Obi Wan as the BOB.

We thank Gaby for supplying us with these wonderful photos and congratulations to her success in English Angora.  Gaby is a fairly new exhibitor,  her experience in showing dogs and her attention to details  quickly elevated her in the wonderful world of Angora.    Gaby is a lawyer in her other life.




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